Some important site map information:

The below map shows the layout of the resort, amenity locations, and site layouts by site type.

Please note: we do not have a map available online including site numbers. This is due mostly to the fact that many individuals would try booking specific sites without ever being to our resort. Thus resulting in them being placed in areas not ideal for their rig, group, etc. Our staff is excellent at placing each reservation on the best site for your rig, ages of children, group members, etc. 

To request a specific site there are 2 options: 1- book online and send an email after booking to saying the last name on your reservation, your booking confirmation number, and the site number you are requesting. 2-book over the phone by calling 608-254-7193.

We do not give out site numbers prior to arrival. This is to better allow us to accommodate the many group bookings we receive here at River Bay and allows us to keep groups together and accommodate location requests.